The Drone
A ROS testplatform

Components and Goals

The drone is a modified Holybro S500 V2 dev kit. It runs a Pixhawk 4 as a Flight controller, a NeoPi air as an onboard computer and a CaddX Vista to transmit live images.

The main goal is to enable the drone to take off and land autonomously and to be able to fly off GPS coordinates while transporting small goods up to 250g.


The auto-start and GPS-flight is handled by an open source drone-OS called PX4. GPS provides an accuracy of about 7m. That is not enough to land autonomously.That's why the drone has a camera that permanently fixes the ground.It is supposed to enable the drone to land on april-tags through visual pattern recognition. The drone has a second computer on board for this purpose, which is running ros2, a further development of the open source "robot operating system".